About Us


These are the treasures we seek — preferably unique, always the best.

Estates of Mind offers museum-quality rare books and manuscripts. Our selection skills have been honed by 40 years of practical and scholarly engagement with the antiquarian book and autograph world. Though our specialties are Science, Philosophy, and Literature, we handle great and beautiful works in all fields. Each item we offer has been chosen for its intellectual merit and historical importance – its genius, its reach, its breakthrough achievement.

As booksellers, we have always tried to work ahead of the curve and to discover value for the future. In the 1970s and ‘80s, we helped build the collection of The Garden Ltd., which many now consider the defining “highspot” collection of the modern era. And we have since placed many highly important works – from Plato to Einstein, from early Bibles to Joyce manuscripts — in major private and institutional collections. We do not promise the impossible, but we do deliver the exceptional!

We invite you to contact us to discuss your interest in rare books and manuscripts. We are pleased to advise our clients about particular items, authors, or subject areas, and we provide professional insight into collecting strategy and market trends.  We offer representation at auction and appraisal services for insurance purposes.  If you are looking to sell an important book or a collection, we will make a fair and substantive offer.

We remain believers in the value of privacy and one-on-one attention. Most of our stock is not listed on the internet and much of our business is client-specific and done through direct quotation. All inquiries and transactions are kept in strict confidence.